7 v 7 Boys Lacrosse Rule Modifications


Except as noted below, the games at the Sports Zone will use the latest available edition of the NFHS boys lacrosse rules.

  1. Number of players: each team will have 6 field players and a goalie on the field at all times.
  2. Time: We will play 20 minute running time halves. The clock runs continuously even during the assignment of penalties and after a goal is scored. The game must be completed in the allotted time. At the end of the time period, the game will be terminated by the official even of the game clock has not expired.
  3. Time-outs: Each team will have one thirty-second time out per half.
  4. Half-time: There will be a 2 minute half-time.
  5. Substitutions: All substitutions will be on the fly. There is no horn for substitution.
  6. Face-offs: Each team will have 3 players participating in the face-off until one team gains possession or the ball enters the “fan” area marked on the field. Two for each team must be behind the wing lines and one at the face-off X. All other field players and the goalie must remain in the marked "fan" areas until possession is gained or the ball enters the “fan” area and official calls release or play. Teams may choose to distribute players in the two fan areas however they see fit.
  7. Off-side: There will be no offside rule.
  8. Number of long sticks: Each team may have up to 3 long sticks on the field, there is no minimum number required
  9. Penalty times: All penalty times will commence with the whistle to re-start play after the player has entered the penalty box. Once started, penalty times will run as the game clock, stopping only for team time-outs or official time-outs